Company: MachineSpirit
Designer/Developer: Ashton McAllan - website email twitter
Artist: Emily McAllan - website twitter
Music and Sound Designer: Dave Reece - website twitter
Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux, maybe Android
Expected Release: Mid 2018


20 words

In Monadnock you forge a bond with a mysterious beast and, together, navigate through a beautiful land facing oncoming calamity.

75 words

Monadnock is a game of landscape and how we relate to it. The puzzle lies in understanding your earth spirit partner, earning their trust and together navigating your way to a safe place where you can rest and sing together. If you like herding giant serpentine cats through a hexagonal painterly world then Monadnock is your perfect date. Take your time, turn by turn and meet Pan and the Creature in MachineSpirit’s latest atmospheric ponderer.